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Frontline Clip Xenoestrogens make you sick! John Lee, MD used OVER-THE-COUNTER progesterone. You may read about progesterone in “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”, by John Lee, MD. Progestelle is scientifically formulated by a Medical Doctor. The starting material to make the progesterone is from yams. The second ingredient in Progestelle is 1 oz of coconut oil.

A book detailing chemicals and herbs in daily life called xenoestrogens that exacerbate the above conditions along with a recommended product list. Compiled over the course of 15 years, the recommended product list has products that do NOT have xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens do NOT appear on the hormone test. I wish there was a hormone test for them, but there is none.

The main route of entry of xenoestrogens is through the skin. For customers that buy products from us, a medical doctor is on duty to answer your questions for FREE. Please see the Progesterone Videos especially the Overview before calling. We are in Austin, TX 512-275-6963 Business hours 9AM-5PM CST.

Each bottle contains 40 dropperfuls of progesterone oil. Each dropperful with about 2 inches of oil measured from the tip of the dropper to the bulb has 20 mg of progesterone. The normal dose is dependent on what condition that it is taken for. 2 a dropperful to 3 dropperfuls per day or 15 to 90 drops per day. If you have a serious condition, you must be very careful about what you put on the skin. There is an extensive avoidance list, if you have a serious condition. If you do NOT have a serious condition you can be more relaxed about the avoidance list.

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