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carries diary sex and the city 0 0 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Yukiteru is a boy, with black hair and blue eyes.

He is usually seen wearing a beanie, shorts with a holster for his throwing darts, and an overcoat with a black undershirt and a zipper. He also wears boots with white socks. Yuki is most well known for his crybaby personality. He also has a tendency to cower while in battle, usually relying on Yuno for protection. He lacks confidence and is usually submissive to confrontation. He is well aware of and fears Yuno’s insanity regarding him, but has a strong desire to keep her sane, often forgiving her for her mistakes and keeping her from murdering others.

Initially, he has little desire to become a god. After the deaths of his parents, however, his desire increases exponentially and he becomes more vicious, cunning, and willing to kill, shown when he does not try to stop Nishijima’s death and when he kills The Eight’s followers despite an alliance between the two. After being told that Yuno is lying and not even a god can revive the dead, he becomes emotionally upset and shoots Hinata, Mao, and Kosaka. After Akise’s death, his trust in Yuno decreases, but he tries to love her as best he can. He refuses to kill her to become god despite their earlier arrangement. During the battle against Yuno, he acknowledges his love for her and persistently pursues her into the Third World. However, when Muru Muru showed him the flashbacks from the First World where Yuno came from, Yuki seemed braver and less cowardly.

The reason why Yuki was weak in the Second World was because he was pampered and fiercely protected by First World’s Yuno all the time. While versatile in any situation, the main disadvantage of the¬†Observance¬†Diary is that the diary does not tell him what is happening to himself, which leaves him vulnerable. He is also very skilled at throwing darts. They are usually his weapon of choice. As the new God, he possesses divine abilities, however, it is unknown what specific abilities he possesses, but it is implied that he has supreme control of the universe, due to his god-like status. A year prior to the beginning of the Survival Game, Yukiteru’s parents divorced. In spite of that, he still holds out hope that they will reconcile and be a family again.