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If you are looking forward about how dad fucks daughter, how mom fucks son or check out some family incest stories then you are in the right place! Here you could find everything you were searching for such a dirty grandma sex time! For many years I have had a fantasy about seeing my wife being fucked by a young lad. Events over the last couple of years have seen this fantasy become a reality.

51 years old and in my opinion a very attractive woman, she is 5. 8″ tall and is of medium build she has brown hair, going slightly grey, good pair of tits 36c and a very nice bush, not shaved and very hairy to say the least. A couple of years ago Una was raped by some young thugs on her way home from a night on the town with friends. At the time I was in total shock but strangely I felt very turned on by the thought of her pussy being fucked against her will.

I told Una that I wanted her to answer some questions that were bothering me, she asked what? After 20 minutes I shot the biggest load of spunk I have ever had right up her bush while she just kneeled there taking it all I withdrew my cock and started to kiss her on the arse while slapping one of her cheeks with my hand. I told her that she was a dirty bitch in allowing those young boys to fuck a mature woman like her. She got up and said nothing and went in to have a shower, I went downstairs and drank a bottle of brandy. I was scared shitless at facing her after what I had done to her the night before, it would have been the last thing she would have expected from me, I have never let Una see that side of me before and as far as she is concerned I am a nice person who has never made sexual demands of her but what happened the night before was too much for me and how I felt had to come out. At first I was so relieved that she was able to forgive me but after a while I began to see this as a weakness and one that I knew I could exploit.

From the moment that I decided to force fuck Una that evening I had already made up my mind that this was only the beginning and in future I would have her do anythingI wanted even if I had to drug her to do it. I spent weeks thinking of ways that I could get Una into the rape situation after a while I decided that the best way would be with drink or drug’s so that only left the “who” and “when. Young Mark our nephew lived close to us and he lived with his grandma, he would often come round to our house to play with our grandson when he visited. Mark had been brought up by his grandmother for 13 years as he was abandoned by his mother at birth. I began to invite young Mark round to help me in the house more and more. I had decided that Mark could be the one to help me fulfill my fantasy with Una.

I started by leaving dirty mags lying around the garage for him to see. Every time I left Mark on his own he would always have good look at the mags and one or two had the pictures removed. It was also clear that the mags he preferred were the ones with older women in them, one that contained glamorous grannies had disappeared altogether so I had no doubt that Mark was chugging his meat to the mag in his own good time. After a while our guests left and I went upstairs to find Una lying on our bed fully dressed. I went to try and wake her but she was out of it, I then got a pin from the sewing box and began to prick her arm with it, still nothing and she was oblivious to any pain whatsoever. I left her there and went to get my instamatic camera from the drawer, although she was out cold I still told her that I was going to take some pictures of her big hairy pussy and let young Mark see them. A couple of days later Mark was due to come round and help with some work in the garden, I left the pics in a tin box in the corner of the garage, Una had left for work when Mark came to the house.

I told Mark that I would need to go to the store for some things but he could make a start on things while I was gone. I had left the pics in such a way that It would be obvious if anyone had been looking at them. New stories will appear with coming soon! Want to post your incest story? SSL operation failed with code 1. We have no control over the content of these pages. We take no responsibility for the content.

All models are at least 18 years old according to 18 U. Granny causes me to scout her! Dirty talking northern mother, on the toilet. Sexy Mommy Teasing Up Her Skirt.

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