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Danica Patrick is an American photos of drunk women begging for sex racing driver. First of all she is not a Nascar driver she is an Indy driver.

Secondly she was neither the first nor the only women on the circuit. She made her debut in 2005 and there were women drivers in the 90s. There have been up to 4 women driving at one time. She is popular because she is hot and is the only women to get close to winning. Have you ever tried racing a car much less a Nascar type of car? Did you know that those cars are so powerful that your constantly sliding as you race at 200mph? Try controlling a spin out for 4 hours while other cars are bumping into you.

I never had respect for Nascar till I learned this. Pls be more informed before you start putting people down. BTW, Nascar is raced in Sonoma, CA just 50 miles away from San Francisco which last I checked, was pretty metropolitan city. Next time you comment on something, you should actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. Driving a vehicle at between 150-200 mph is a lot harder than your ignorant, retarded ass obviously thinks. Not only are there things like mechanical knowledge and driving nuances you have to worry about, it takes one hell of a physical toll on your body and you have to be very physically fit to withstand that toll it takes. So, go fuck yourself, you worthless cocksucker.

Guthrie are tied for the highest finish for a female in a Sprint Cup race. Patrick did it at Atlanta this year. Guthrie have similar stats in that Guthrie had 5 Top 10 finishes but no poles. Danica has 4 Top 10’s and 1 pole. The biggest difference is Guthrie only ran 33 NASCAR races over 4 years.

Danica has run 82 NASCAR races over 3 years. USAC level overall weren’t real impressive. She ran in about a dozen races over 5-6 seasons. One season she didn’t try to qualify for Indy, some drivers said she wouldn’t have qualified due to her gender. Her time would have qualified her for 9th. The only reason she didn’t try to qualify was because of lack of sponsorship funding.

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