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If you are the account owner, please pinkish color after sex ticket for further information. This page has two linked topics – the different causes of blue eyes and white fur in cats is one, the other is the relationship between eye colour, coat colour and deafness. The eyes are unpigmented and appear pink.

A true albino kitten, age 7 weeks, owned by Michelle R. The mother is a tortie Manx, the father is unknown. Contrary to popular belief, white cats with blue, orange or green eyes are not albino. Albinism is a different mutation that causes the absence of colour, not the covering up of colour.

The white spotting gene can sometimes produced solid white cats and is also sometimes called recessive white. It is also a fallacy that “all blue-eyed white cats are born deaf”. All kittens are born blue-eyed and with their ears folded down. Whether they will stay blue-eyed and whether they will be deaf can only be ascertained after a few weeks. Those with blue eyes have a high chance of deafness. Lacy owns Greg Schultz who refers to her as “The Queen”. Mikey has the dominant white gene, but has green eyes rather than blue.

Blue-eyed white is not sex-linked in cats. Readers may have noticed that there are dominant white cats with green, yellow or hazel eyes. In pedigree cats, only orange, odd or blue are accepted with dominant white. Orange eyes were selectively bred from the original mish-mash of eye colours back in the late 1800s when many white cats back had nondescript yellowish eyes. This gene is semi-dominant and is variable in the way it is expressed – a cat may have no visible white spots or may be wholly white and all stages in between those two extremes. Unlike dominant white, white spotting is not linked to deafness.

Some white cats are due to the very variable expression of the gene for white spotting. The diagram above shows a typical progression from solid colour through to solid white caused by this gene. Grade 10 where white spotting has obscured all of the base colour. Grade 10 white spotted cats resemble solid white cats, but are rarely deaf. Albino is generally thought of as pure white, but the situation in cats is more complex.

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