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The thirteen men lived throughout Derby and the police believed they met through a shared attraction for young girls. The leaders were Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, both married men with young registered sex offenders bristol uk wiki. 18, were predominantly vulnerable girls from troubled backgrounds, and some of them were in care and known to social services.

The men would target girls at railway stations, on estates, and walking home from school. Derby police were aware of rumours of a paedophile gang operating in the city. On 30 December 2008, Staffordshire police stopped a car on suspicion of shoplifting, carrying three gang members and three young girls. On 24 April 2009, two distressed teenagers stumbled out of a flat that was under surveillance and said that they had been raped. The police had been unaware of their presence. The victims told the police of other girls who had been assaulted, and the police soon discovered a campaign of systematic grooming and abuse within the city. The crown prosecution service charged the gang with 75 charges relating to twenty six girls, ranging from rape to intimidating witnesses, though police believed there were many more victims.

The men were charged in three separate trials. This case occurred after other incidents in Rochdale, Preston and Rotherham, where Asian gangs, mostly British Pakistani men, had been convicted of child grooming and rape. The Derby police avoided drawing conclusions regarding the ethnicity of the group, one officer observing that the sexual offenders register consisted of “mainly white men. Police suggested that there was possibly a willingness for abusers with shared ethnic backgrounds to work together in gangs, and not on their own. Former home secretary, Jack Straw, said that though there were many white sex offenders, there was a “specific problem” in some areas of Pakistani men targeting “vulnerable white girls”, whom they perceived as “easy meat” for sexual abuse.

He urged the Pakistani community to be “more open” about the abuse. Keith Vaz said it was inappropriate to stereotype an entire community and said this was not a cultural problem. Mohammed Shafiq, the director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said that an abhorrent form of racism in parts of the British Pakistani community fuelled the abuse, and that some young men did not see white girls as equal to their own daughters or sisters. 29 June 2011 a report on the findings of a six-month investigation into “on street grooming”. A more comprehensive, but still interim, report titled “I thought I was the only one. The only one in the world” was published on 20 November 2012 by the Office of the Children’s Commission under the chairmanship of the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz.

Asian gang prowled streets searching for rape victims”. Derby sex gang convicted of grooming and abusing girls”. Straw under fire for linking race to sex attacks”. Victim groomed by ‘evil’ Derby sex gang”. Is sex abuse grooming a growing problem in the UK? Jack Straw sparks row with Pakistan ‘easy meat’ remark”. Jack Straw: Some white girls are ‘easy meat’ for abuse”.

Children’s minister: Asian communities hampering child sex inquiries”. It is a crime Islam forbids, a crime against humanity”. DON’T LEAVE VICTIMS OUT OF MIND, OUT OF SIGHT”. Child grooming is ‘hidden issue’, report warns”. Quarter of child sex groomers are Asian, report reveals”.

A summary of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s inquiry into child sexual exploitation in gangs and groups”. Leicester child prostitution trial: Men admit paying girl, 16, for sex”. BBC Inside Out London, 2 Sep 2013: see from 06:00. A black-haired man with a hairy chest, wearing a shiny jacket open to the waist, with large lapels, smiles towards the camera. Gary Glitter, is an English former glam rock singer who achieved popular success in the 1970s and 80s. The BBC described Glitter’s fall from grace as “dramatic” and “spectacular”. The late 1990s saw his image become irreparably tarnished, following his 1997 arrest and 1999 conviction in the United Kingdom for downloading thousands of items of child pornography.

Formerly one of the best-loved entertainers in British music history, in 2015 Glitter was described by Alexis Petridis of The Guardian as a “public hate figure”. Paul Francis Gadd was born on 8 May 1944 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. By the time he was 16, Gadd was already performing at London clubs. His career grew as he appeared at such venues as the Two I’s, in Soho, and the Laconda and Safari Clubs. A year later, with a new manager, Vic Billings, he signed a new recording contract with Parlophone and worked with record producer George Martin, before Martin’s association with the Beatles. Raven joined the Mike Leander Show Band in early 1965. Then he was deputised to produce a few recording sessions by such artists as Thane Russell and a Scottish freakbeat band, the Poets.

After Leander’s group disbanded, Raven formed Boston International with saxophonist John Rossall, and spent the following five years touring the UK and Germany, recording occasionally. 1972 as the A-side and B-sides of a single called “Rock and Roll, Parts 1 and 2″. Rock and Roll” was followed by other successes over the next three years. Glitter Band on stage, competed with Sweet, Slade and T. Rex for domination of the charts.

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