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Sex and overdue cycle

I wonder if having long cycle can affect due date. Reason i’m overdue and dilating very slowly, is because baby is breeched. If your date has been calculated based on Sex and overdue cycle and a 28 day cycle then yes as if you have a 35 day cycle your due date would technically be later but they normal ask what your cycle is when they calculate your date.

So her’es what I think but not sure if I am right. If your ovulation date is late enough and your scans never forced them to readjust your due date I guess it could but then that would mean your baby is measuring bigger than normal which couldn’t be a good thing. I would assume the dating scans would correct the due date or get it rather close. I know when I ovulated so going off that my due date is a few days later than my LMP due date buuuuut baby and I have been measuring dead on every-time for the LMP due date. Other than that babies come when they are developed and ready for the most part.

That said however if you had a dating scan they would normally calculate your date based on babys size at that point rather than going by your LMP so it shouldnt in that instance affect things. Oh man they never asked me what my cycle length was. But I made sure to tell them I knew when I ovulated, which other than my midwife, no one believed me. 1 section on here that day and took it in with me as proof!