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Sex and the city 2 racisme anti

This article sex and the city 2 racisme anti about negative attitudes towards Muslims. For religious persecution of Muslims, see Persecution of Muslims. For the scholarly criticism of Islam, see Criticism of Islam. The causes and characteristics of Islamophobia are still debated.

There are a number of other possible terms which are also used in order to refer to negative feelings and attitudes towards Islam and Muslims, such as anti-Muslimism, intolerance against Muslims, anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred of Muslims, anti-Islamism, Muslimophobia, demonisation of Islam, or demonisation of Muslims. When discrimination towards Muslims has placed an emphasis on their religious affiliation and adherence, it has been termed Muslimphobia, the alternative form of Muslimophobia, Islamophobism, antimuslimness and antimuslimism. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word means “Intense dislike or fear of Islam, esp. Muslims” and is attested in English as early as 1923. In 1996, the Runnymede Trust established the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, chaired by Gordon Conway, the vice-chancellor of the University of Sussex.

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