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Shake vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juice vigorously in a shaker with ice. Strain sex cosmopolitan uk a martini glass, garnish with a lime wedge on the rim, and serve. Happy to get this recipe as my granddaughter ordered this for her 21’st birthday. This is by far the worst tasting drink i have ever had.

Cointreau and some more for a higher class vodka. I love this drink I feel like a real lady when I am drinking it. Very good drink, as is Sex on the Beachanother fabulous drink. Yes, as Carrie’s favorite drink on Sex and the City, it’s bound to be a good drink. I’m having a Cosmopolitan with the woman who writes about Cosmopolitan’s” lol. Sex and the City is a show.

Carrie, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, will NEVER call yousweetie. Gosh, how can you say that? It is an ok drink, a little too sweet for my taste but if you like that kind of thing then this is for you. But which Cranberry Juice do I buy? Nothing in the store that has “Cranberry” on the label seems to really be cranberry juice.

Should try with absolute citron vodka! This drink is the mutts nutz. I go lighter on the lime juice though. Your tastes are up your arse chum. This recipe is simple, wonderful, and simply wonderful! My boyfriend loves it when I order a cosmo, because all it takes is just one to get me horney!

Try a bud lightmore up your alley. I also agree that this drink is fabulous! Use Grand Marnier Red instead of Triple Sec. Also, instead of Plain Vodka, give it a twist with a citrus-y flavored Vodka or, sooo good, the new blood orange flavor some of the brands are coming out with!

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