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Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Sex drive at odeon in an archived state. Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with HBO. Group headquarters on The Mound, Edinburgh.

HBOS Office at Trinity Road, Halifax. HBOS offices in Lovell Park, Leeds, formerly those of the Leeds Permanent Building Society before its takeover by the Halifax Building Society. HBOS plc is a banking and insurance company in the United Kingdom, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group, having been taken over in January 2009. HBOS was formed by the 2001 merger of Halifax plc and the Bank of Scotland. Although officially HBOS is not an acronym of any specific words, it is widely presumed to stand for Halifax Bank of Scotland. The corporate headquarters of the group were located on The Mound in Edinburgh, Scotland, the former head office of the Bank of Scotland. Operational headquarters were in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, the former head office of Halifax.

The group was acquired and folded into Lloyds Banking Group through a takeover by Lloyds TSB on Monday 19 January 2009 after both sets of shareholders approved the deal. Lloyds Banking Group has stated that the new group will continue to use The Mound as the headquarters for its Scottish operations and will not cease the issue of Scottish bank notes. HBOS was formed by a merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland in 2001, Halifax having demutualised and floated four years prior. In 2006, HBOS secured the passing of the HBOS Group Reorganisation Act 2006, a private Act of Parliament that rationalised the bank’s corporate structure. The provisions in the Act were implemented on 17 September 2007.

The share price peaked at over 1150p in February 2007. In 2004, Paul Moore, HBOS head of Group Regulatory Risk, warned senior directors at HBOS about excessive risk-taking. He was dismissed, and his concerns not acted on. In March 2008, HBOS shares fell 17 percent amid false rumours that it had asked the Bank of England for emergency funding. On 17 September 2008, very shortly after the demise of Lehman Brothers, HBOS’s share price suffered wild fluctuations between 88p and 220p per share, despite the FSA’s assurances as to its liquidity and exposure to the wider credit crunch. However, later that day, the BBC reported that HBOS was in advanced takeover talks with Lloyds TSB to create a “superbank” with 38 million customers. This was later confirmed by HBOS.