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Sex offenders 55057 parks

Sex offenders 55057 parks is the point in doing everything right for years when it counts for nothing? What I did was wrong, but that was 15 years ago. I’m not the same person I was when I was 19My oldest is 9, and I’ve had to explain it to her — why we can’t go to a lake, why there’s no point in our getting a boat. She understands as well as she can at her age.

Shawna is a mother of three. She is on the public registry in Oklahoma for life for a one-time sexual encounter on her 19th birthday with a 14-year-old boy. Her court-ordered punishment was a jail sentence, which she served, and lifetime probation and sex offender treatment. She is also serving an additional life sentence on the public sex offender registry, one whose requirements can shift and change depending on the whims of legislators and new laws. The other two are Louisiana and Illinois. In Oklahoma, Illinois, and Louisiana, a park is a park is a park, and state parks are included. All access to lakes, beaches, and waterways are state parks.

Oklahoma passed its law in 2014, twelve years after Shawna was ordered to register on the Megan’s Law registry as a level 3 offender, an automatic designation when the victim, even a statutory one, is under 16. I was surprised that here in Oklahoma, I cannot go to a park. A park does not mean a place with swings and playground equipment it means ANY park, State Park included. The state of criminal justice reform as it applies to those required to register as sex offenders is very much in flux. While some jurisdictions and states recognize that no evidence supports residency and presence restriction as effective and either eschew or overturn such requirements, others are rushing to implement them. NC-RSOL have filed a suit against the state on constitutional grounds. The majority of the other states range widely in the restrictions and requirements they place on their registered citizens.