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Tao of health sex and longevity

Western and Taoist Concepts of Exercise Western paradigms mistakenly lead people to believe that the only way to improve health is tao of health sex and longevity high-intensity, high-impact aerobic exercises. Many doctors and health websites advocate aerobics for strengthening your heart and lungs, using oxygen more efficiently, controlling blood glucose levels and boosting the immune system. Many doctors recommend jogging or bicycle riding for people that have suffered heart attacks. These ideas persist despite the fact that many clinical studies show that low-impact, low-intensity exercises—such as tai chi—can have the same positive affects on physical health as aerobics or high-intensity sports.

Tai chi and other low-impact exercises are equally effective as aerobics in improving circulation, decreasing blood pressure and increasing oxygen efficiency. One of the major values of low-impact exercises is that people of any body type and age can do them without jarring or damaging their joints. Tai chi can be practiced by people who are ill with chronic diseases, including asthma, arthritis or diabetes, which often limits the types of exercise they can do. Health versus Fitness Traditional Chinese Medicine has long made a distinction between health and fitness.

Fitness is more commonly associated with the superior external performance of high-performance athletics. In the West, a person who is considered to be fit may be able to do 100 or more pushups, run a marathon, have a beautiful muscular physique and yet not be healthy under their tight abs. He or she may have a bad back, damaged joints, liver problems, unbalanced emotions, an inability to handle stress, lack of libido and other sexual weaknesses. Conversely, in the West, someone would not be considered fit if they looked frail, dumpy or fat, were unable to run a few hundred meters, or did not have physically powerful muscles. Yet that person may be quite healthy. Thus, you could be considered fit and yet not healthy, or healthy and not fit. In China, the goal is to be healthy and fit: Bagua and tai chi help you achieve both.

The Ideal Body The Western ideal of a healthy person is the Olympian athlete, standing tall and fully muscled. The Taoists’ ideal is a baby. Who has more life energy: An athlete or a baby? Research has shown that no athlete can continuously mimic a baby’s motions as it randomly moves and plays. It doesn’t take long before the athlete becomes exhausted. Now consider the difference in body types.

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