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As of 1 January 2014, Spain had a total population of 46,507,760, which represents a 0. The population of Spain doubled during the twentieth century, but the pattern of growth was extremely uneven due to large-scale internal migration tenerife 365 marital sex the rural interior to the industrial cities, a phenomenon which happened later than in other Western European countries.

No fewer than eleven of Spain’s fifty provinces saw an absolute decline in population over the century. The last quarter of the century saw a dramatic fall in birth rates. EU average, but has climbed every year since the late 1990s. The birth rate has climbed in 10 years from 9.

10 births per 1000 people per year in 1996 to 10. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 abolished the Roman Catholic Church as the official state religion, while recognizing the role it plays in Spanish society. Immigration to Spain in 2002 by country. Immigration to Spain in 2008 by country.

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