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THE STORYThe Stranger on the Bridge tells the moving story of Jonny Benjamin. Having been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder shortly beforehand, he stood on London’s Waterloo Bridge in January 2008 and prepared to take his own life. In using this hashtag Jonny’s story helped to stimulate positive change and engage viewers in these issues of mental illness in an accessible and sensitive way. The film captures every step of Jonny’s remarkable journey including the phenomenon of the campaign, the many leads and ‘Mikes’ that came forward and ultimately his successful reunion with the man that saved his life. Everything changed for Jonny that day, but also, as a result, he has become a mental health campaigner who in his own right has helped transform the lives of many other people around the world through his work. Sam co-founded Postcard Productions in 2010 with Richard Bentley and has produced and directed a wide range of films for the charity sector including Rethink Mental Illness, Mind, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Time To Change and Prison Reform Trust.

Richard has ten years experience in broadcast television having produced and directed observational documentaries for all the major broadcasters including Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands , Police Missing Person’s Unit, The Sex Clinic, Party Paramedics and Doctors Are Human Too as well as a series of films for The One Show. His filming has taken him across the globe from Australia to Europe. Richard now splits his time between directing charity and education films for Postcard Productions as well as developing and producing content for broadcast television. Most recently she’s worked as Producer on the ‘Finding Mike’ documentary in association with Postcard Productions, as well as various community based film projects to promote well being in the community. Franklin graduated from AIB in 2005 with first class honours in Cinematography, also winning two Kodak Student Commercial Awards. He has since built a uniquely broad range of work from Drama and Verite Documentary to Commercials and Fashion.

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