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Copyright 2000 – 2018 Fox Television Stations, LLC. Federal authorities warn about the flu season. A 15-year-old girl slipped watch skyscraper sex scene a fire escape in Lower Manhattan Sunday night and died, according to the NYPD.

Beams fall, closing stretch of 12th Ave. Want to learn a little magic? Make an entire cup of chocolate milk disappear! Their’s was a love story for the ages.

See it played out on the big screen in the rest of Louis Zamperini’s amazing true story! The answer to this one is hiding in plain sight. In 40 days, witness the reunion 40 years in the making. Magic lives in every corner of this house.

Get tickets to The House With a Clock In Its Walls, in theaters and IMAX September 21. You will now receive email updates from Universal. A news site that you’ll actually love. Hey what are you looking for? The Trump Organization has agreed to sell the management contracts for the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto to JCF Capital.

FT Investigates: The Trump Toronto reveals the links between a shadowy world of post-Soviet money and a future president. One October day in 2007, a celebrity real estate developer in a greatcoat and powder-blue tie alighted from a stretch limousine in Toronto’s financial district. Before a bank of photographers, he took hold of a golden shovel. Also present were representatives of the project’s financial backers — an Austrian bank that would soon be accused of failing to conduct sufficient checks on the sources of its ex-Soviet clients’ money. So commenced work on the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto.

Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia. The Financial Times has been investigating the money behind Trump Toronto for 10 months. Legal documents, signed statements and two dozen interviews with people with knowledge of the project and the money that flowed through it reveal that the venture connects the U. Soviet world where politics and personal enrichment merge. Some of the money flows that the Financial Times has established raise questions about Trump’s vulnerability to undue influence now that he is in the White House.

100 million payment to a Moscow-based fixer representing Kremlin-backed investors. Trump name and brand within the financial community. The Trump Organization was not the owner, developer or seller of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto. It is precisely this approach to the provenance of the money that has sustained Trump’s business career that concerns many who have examined it closely. After a series of corporate bankruptcies in the 1990s and early 2000s left the property business he had inherited from his father largely unable to borrow from mainstream banks, Trump turned to ever more obscure backers.

This was a time when the former Soviet Union’s newly minted oligarchs were seeking foreign havens for their wealth. By 2008, Trump’s son, Donald Jr. Some of this came through sales of individual units in Trump-branded properties, where Trump was sometimes entitled to a cut. 100 million buying property at seven Trump-branded luxury towers, Reuters established. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that many of the oligarchs who made their riches amid the downfall of the Soviet Union have protected their fortunes by advancing the interests of the ruling cliques at home. This wealth has been coursing through Western markets, often disguised by shell companies.

Trump’s sector, real estate, has long been susceptible to infusions of incognito money. A large proportion of sales of high-end U. Trump has broken with presidential tradition by refusing to divest his holdings in the dozens of companies that comprise the Trump Organization or to release tax returns that might shine more light on what appear to be multitudinous conflicts of interest. In May last year, his decision to fire James Comey as head of the FBI triggered the appointment of Robert Mueller, himself a former FBI chief, as special counsel to investigate links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey was asked whether the investigation might turn up matters unrelated to the campaign. Paul Manafort, one of Trump’s campaign managers, has already learned what this means in practice. 30 million in connection with his work as a consultant for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

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