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God, I got more in common with these gooks than Whats the website to see where sex offenders live do with my own spoiled-rotten family. This is a sort of mental spam trap. There are no nude girls here. Well, there are a couple here but none on this site.

If you don’t know how to use Google’s image search to find porn, you deserve this kind of sidetracking. No underage nudes, only information about your general hunger for them. So if you’re here to find skin, you’ll only find your own, flapping on the fence post. That’s right, you’re looking for naked girls about 13 years of age.

I had a hunch it would bell-out there and I was right. Here are some more lies, I mean statistics. 15,000 raise for doing this same sort of stuff at Amazon. 49 There were tiny statistical spikes at 40 and 65 but they didn’t even reach the size of age groups like 4 and 5, and they’re not revolting, so they’re left out of the graphs.

If none of the above has sunk in, I’ll spell it out. If you actually manage to find underage nude girls online, which you probably won’t, prison is just one dime-drop away for as long as the statute of limitations in your state lasts, i. The numbers Selected levels of national perversion in ascending magnitude of collective deviance. As usual, America retains its clear dominance in a field that is pathetic, perverted, and sad. They are protected by the First Amendment and are not subject to local obscenity laws or ordinances. Most or all visual depictions displayed on this Website are exempt from the provision of 18 U.

75 because said visual depictions do not consist of depictions of conduct as specifically listed in 18 U. Should there be any visual depictions displayed on this Website of actual sexually explicit conduct, such models, actors, actresses and other persons appearing or otherwise contained in this Website were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions. 18, though this is not a requirement according to the Section 2257 Compliance herein referred to. They are enjoying themselves in the sun. And yes we will portray a naturist lifestyle. Certain poses do not portray a naturist lifestyle.

Isn’t “playing with sand on four legs” a naturist lifestyle? Or are now kids required to fully “close their bums shut” while playing? Is voyeurism a “naturist lifestyle”, which is what they intend to claim with that vague, ridiculous reply above? Are thus peeping toms normal naturists?

I was looking for “random naked girl” just to see what was around. There have been, I think, well over a million views of just this page at this point. One way of interpreting the results would be pointing an accusing finger at the Leviticans’ agenda of enforced ignorance and infantilization of the American public. They are also, by far, the worst offenders. Thou shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a pedophile. The Statistics – Nude girls by age- for 12 – 14 year olds are actually natural and correct – if unwanted.

Instead tax money provides for them and their lives are all but over since few have what it takes to be a single mom while finishing high-school and doing anything at all in life. Higher fat diets have pushed menses back from 16 for some girls to the 6-8 range. While at the same time, progress has pushed mental maturity backwards too. Most 10 year-olds now are utterly incompetent at every skill necessary to survive outside modern human society.

So, again, referring to the follow-up, I agree it is natural, normal and for some age groups, probably completely healthy. I also know you can’t make generalizations and some 16 year-old women are more able to handle sexuality than some 25 year-old girls. I’m looking for really young nudes. What do you think I am? So, what did you have in mind? Re: Young nude girls those statistics about what age people search for is crap. 2: Young nude girls Well, I believe you.