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When to check sex of marijuana plant

When to check sex of marijuana plant setting out to create a successful marijuana garden, you may not have considered some more subtle aspects, such as organizing your plants according to their sex. You may not have even realized that plants have different sexes unless you have done this type of gardening before.

When you are growing cannabis, being able to accurately identify which of your plants are male and which are female is a crucial element in achieving a successful harvest. There are several methods for using this identification to your advantage, and it is important to choose which one is best for your life and growing style. This article is going to teach you why identifying your plants’ sexes is very important, and how it can positively affect your yield. Your plants will be one sex or the other, depending not only on their genetics, but also environmental factors.

Just like other forms of life, marijuana plants all possess two pairs of sex chromosomes. The two possible chromosomes are X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes, just like with humans. XY chromosomes are in male plants while XX chromosomes are in female plants. The flowers from female plants usually do not bloom until after male plants, and they resemble sacks.

While they grow, two stigmas that are similar in appearance to feathers will pop out of each of these sacks. The stigmas are located in a node region of the main stalk and are generally cream or white in color. If you are not familiar already, a node region is the location that a branch is growing from the main stem, or where a branch grows from another branch. They grow this way to catch any pollen that the male plant released into the wind. Pollination is crucial to be understood because female plants that have been pollinated will stop focusing their valuable energy on their flower growth.